• Does TrapCall work on iOS 17?

    TrapCall is compatible with iOS 17, but you must follow a few steps to get it working seamlessly. Don't worry; we've laid them out simply for you below.

    Turn Off Live Voicemail

    The Live Voicemail feature must be turned off for TrapCall to screen unknown calls and tell you who's calling and why. Here's how:

    1. Open your iPhone Settings app.

    2. Scroll down to Phone.

    3. Under the Calls section, select Live Voicemail.

    4. Toggle the Live Voicemail button to the off position.

    Note: Please ensure iOS 17 Beta is updated to the latest version.

    Enable Call Blocking & Identification

    To ensure Robokiller blocks those pesky unwanted calls, you must enable your iPhone's Call Blocking & Identification settings. Follow the steps below to help:

    1. Open your iPhone Settings app.

    2. Scroll down to Phone.

    3. Under the Calls section, select Call Blocking & Identification.

    4. Toggle the TrapCall button to the on position.

    That's it! With these steps in place, your iPhone running iOS 17 will be well-equipped to use TrapCall efficiently, ensuring a more peaceful and spam-free calling experience.


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  • Is my carrier supported?

    AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, MetroPCS, US Cellular, Cricket, and Spectrum are currently supported carriers with TrapCall. Conditional Call Forwarding is required in order to unmask blocked calls. If your carrier doesn't offer this feature, TrapCall will be unable to operate with your device.

    If you have one of the above carriers and experience issues signing up or activating, please contact our support team via Live Chat. We'd be glad to help!


  • My calls are forwarded from another device, can I still use TrapCall?

    Yes, if you have one phone number forwarding its calls to a separate device, TrapCall will still be able to unmask calls. TrapCall will not be able to unmask or log any calls that are being forwarded from the second device. This will only work for the device that TrapCall is downloaded and programmed to.

  • Will TrapCall work in my country?

    We love knowing people all over the world are interested in our service. At this time, only the US and Puerto Rico are supported. We hope to expand to new countries in the future, but we’re still researching before making any decisions. Thank you for your interest!