• How to unmask blocked calls with TrapCall (Video)

    Learn how to reveal who is behind blocked calls on Android and iPhone devices.


  • How will TrapCall help me stop these harassing calls?

    If you are being harassed by people hiding behind blocked calls it can be very annoying and scary. TrapCall can unmask calls that come into your phone as BlockedPrivateRestricted, and No Caller ID. Once you know who is calling we can help stop the harassment with our block list, incoming call recorder, and other great features. Take back your phone and your privacy with TrapCall!


  • Can TrapCall Unmask Spoofed Numbers?

    Unfortunately, TrapCall cannot unmask spoofed calls. TrapCall works by stripping away any information hiding the phone number from being displayed on a blocked call. Spoofed calls appear the same as any other regular call you might receive, making them impossible to unmask. For that reason, we’re unable to determine if a call is spoofed or not.


  • Does it unblock "No Caller ID" calls too?

    Once you have TrapCall any new call you get from a BlockedPrivateRestricted, or No Caller ID number can be unmasked. When your phone rings from a blocked number you need to reject or decline the call. A few seconds later, your phone will ring again with the caller’s phone number revealed.

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  • Can I see the number of the person who called me before I had TrapCall?

    This is a commonly asked question, but it’s not technically possible for TrapCall to unmask blocked calls received before activating TrapCall on your phone. The service needs to be on your phone at the time of the call for us to work our magic. We offer yearly plans for TrapCall for this very reason, because you never know when you might get a blocked call you really want unmasked. 

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  • What are Reverse Number Lookups?

    Reverse Number Lookups allow you to lookup any number and see names, addresses, photos, and much more! Our Basic subscription provides 10 lookups per month, Premium provides 50 lookups per month, and Ultimate provides an unlimited amount of lookups per month. This feature is only available through the iOS and Android application.

    To lookup a number, open the app and select the Lookup tab. Enter a phone number and press Go. Once a result is displayed, you can add the number to your block list. Additionally, you'll be able to see the result under Recent Searches


  • Why are my calls not ringing on my iPhone but marked unmasked within the app?

    With Apple's iOS 13 update, a new feature called "Silence Unknown Callers" was introduced, which will silence all calls you receive from anyone outside of your contact list. These calls are automatically forwarded to your voicemail and marked as missed. TrapCall will attempt to still unmask any Private/Blocked calls and mark them as unmasked through the app/website.

    If you are not receiving phone calls but are getting notifications from TrapCall that calls are being unmasked, you may have this feature enabled. To disable please go to your iPhone Settings > Phone > Silence Unknown Callers > Disable.

    For further assistance, please contact us here: https://support.trapcall.com/hc/en-us/articles/360021660692-How-Can-I-Contact-Technical-Support-