• What is Live Caller ID?

    UPDATE: Unfortunately, as of July 2020, we are no longer able to offer Live Caller ID to our iPhone users, as the method we used for delivering this valuable information was deprecated in iOS 13. We are continually exploring new ways of providing timely, accurate Caller ID to our users, and hope to offer new ways to experience this same benefit in the future.


    Live Caller ID allows you to put a name and a face to an unrecognized caller. Whenever you receive a call from a number that is not in your contacts, you can decline that call to have it sent to TrapCall, and then we'll forward it back to you with the the name, photo, and address of that caller if that information is available to us. At that point, you can choose to answer the call and speak to the person, or you can decline the call to send it to voicemail, just like any other call.

    In addition, Live Caller ID will automatically save a contact on your phone with this information so that if you get a call from this number again, you'll see their information as soon as you receive the call. If you'd like to delete these contacts all at once, just open the TrapCall app and tap on Settings > Call Settings > Purge Live Caller ID contacts.

    Live Caller ID is currently available for our Premium and Ultimate users who have our iPhone app installed.


  • Can TrapCall record my calls for me?

    If you choose our Premium or Ultimate subscription, you'll have the option to record your incoming calls. You will be able to record the entire conversation and review it upon completion, in your TrapCall account. We also include the option of playing a warning message, to ensure you comply with your state laws. However, you can turn this warning off if you choose to.


  • Can I record calls legally in my state?

    With a Premium or Ultimate subscription you can record your incoming calls by first rejecting the call when it rings to your phone. The call will ring back within a few seconds and when you answer it, the call will be recorded.

    When the recording option is enabled, and a call rings back to your phone after you've declined it, a warning message will play stating "the person you are calling has requested to record this call. Please stay on the line to be connected." If recording without the other party's consent is legal, you can disable this warning by clicking HERE. Select Your Account and under Call Recording switch Play Recording to the off position.

    IMPORTANT: Before choosing to use the recording feature, please familiarize yourself with telephone recording laws, as you may need the other party's permission to record the call. You can find out which states are one-party or two-party consent states by clicking HERE


  • How do I record an incoming call? (Video)

    If you have an Ultimate subscription, check out this video to learn how to record incoming calls with TrapCall.

    Call recording is now offered on our Premium plan as well!


  • How to download TrapCall recordings

    If you have the call recording feature enabled, you can download your recordings. At the moment, this can only be done through our website and not through the TrapCall application.

    To do so, log into your account at Trapcall.com and tap on the "Calls" tab. From there, you can filter the list to show only "Recorded" calls. Once you find the call you want to download, tap on the red "Recorded" icon and hit download. This will then save the audio file directly on your desktop.

  • Can I search for a call I received?

    To search through your call log for a call you received, please click HERE then select the magnifying glass. You can search for a specific date or date ranges, a name, or a number!


  • Can I print a log of my calls?

    To print a log of your calls, please click HERE then select the Print Calls button. You can print all of your calls by selecting All Calls or you print a single page by selecting This Page.

    If you'd like to filter the log of calls you are printing, select Filter. You can choose from All Calls, Unmasked, Voicemails, and Recorded.