• How do I cancel my subscription?

    Our Technical Support team is available Monday through Friday to assist with any issues. If you need help resolving any problems please reach out to us via Live Chat. To change or cancel your subscription, please click HERE.

    Please note: Deleting the app from your phone does not cancel the service or remove the programming from your phone.

  • How do I retrieve my PIN if I forgot it? (Video)

    To retrieve your PIN, please click HERE. Enter your phone number and select Send me my PIN. We'll be sure to send you a text with it.

  • How do I change my PIN?

    We understand that privacy and security are very important. To change your PIN, please click HERE. Enter your new PIN and confirm, then select Change PIN. Your new PIN will be updated which you will need to use in order to log back in to your account.

  • How can I change my plan?

    To change your plan, please click HERE. You’ll be able to upgrade, downgrade, or change your billing duration.

  • How do I update the card on file?

    To update the credit card on file for your TrapCall subscription, please click HERE. After you've entered all of your billing information, click Add Card. The new card will be added to your account and will be billing on your renewal date.

  • Can I print my invoices?

    To view your payment history and print your invoices, please click HERE. You can print these for your records.

  • How can I change the phone number on my account?

    To change the phone number on your account, please click HERE. You'll be asked to confirm your new number. After you select Update Number & Activate you'll be provided with instructions to reactivate TrapCall on your phone.

  • Can I print a log of my calls?

    To print a log of your calls, please click HERE then select the Print Calls button. You can print all of your calls by selecting All Calls or you print a single page by selecting This Page.

    If you'd like to filter the log of calls you are printing, select Filter. You can choose from All Calls, Unmasked, Voicemails, and Recorded.

  • Can I search for a call I received?

    To search through your call log for a call you received, please click HERE then select the magnifying glass. You can search for a specific date or date ranges, a name, or a number!

  • Why is there a charge on my card?

    TrapCall is a subscription based service that reveals blocked and No Caller ID numbers from any mobile device across most carriers. If you signed up and are unsure of which package you selected please login to your account with your mobile number and 4 digit pin and visit the Subscription page. All of our subscriptions automatically renew.

    If you do not recall signing up for TrapCall, please fill out our refund request form by clicking HERE. We'll be glad to help.